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Ultra fine & high activated Calcium Hydroxide
Uses of Ultra fine & high activated Calcium Hydroxide
Fertilization and Calcium Wettable Powder (Calcium Nutrition)
  - Grain size 45㎛ 98 percent
  - BET 24㎡/g
  - containing 70 percent calcium oxide
  - Brightness 96%
Raw Material of Gelatin, Gas Absorbent, Moisture Absorbent, and Catalysis
Product Name: BKEICAL
BKEICAL is high degree of purity manufacture. It is produced by several refining process and special method. Calcium ingredient of BKEICAL is twice than general fertilization product. BKEICAL can supply calcium with rapidity, regardless of soil and climate condition; in addition, it can use anytime during growth unlike general product. BET of BKEICAL is up to 24㎡/g and absorption capacity is excellent among domestic calcium fertilizer. It is widely used as many applications to prevent and treat a shortage of calcium: for example, Blossom-end Rot in tomato, Leaf Drooping in watermelon, Malformation in melon, 어깨빠짐 in cucumber, Pithiness in radish, Green Mottle in sweet persimmon, Pre-harvest Drop in mandarin, and Leaf Bright in grape. When it sprays by period, it is effective treatment for bad weather such as acidic rain, acidic soil, pollution, and rainy season.