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Calcium Oxide Powder
ALC (Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete)
  - containing usually 90percent calcium oxide
  - subsidiary materials for building materials
Soil stabilization
  - containing 90 percent and 85 percent calcium oxide
  - Geo Liner, Soil Stabilization for tender ground
Disinfection (stall, farm, prevent red & green tide etc)
Production of Lime-sulfur Mixture and Bordeaux- mixture
Building Materials
A.L.C means Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete.
It is produced from lime and silicic acid which results in curing, hardening, and development contains blowing agent,
It is used in building materials, because of many advantages such as lightweight, incombustibility and fire resistant, good insulation and constructability.
Soil Stabilization
1) A falling off the amount of contained water in soil by absorption reaction
2) Volume Expansion by fire extinguishing reaction
3) Hardening and Consolidation soil by carbonate reaction
- react with carbonate in soil
4) Pozzolanic Reaction
As a result of above four reactions, calcium oxide powder is increasingly being used to stabilize soil.

Stabilization occurs as a result of ongoing pozzolanic and carbonation reactions with temperature controlling the rate of the pozzolanic reaction.
Lime reacts with soil minerals to form cement like calcium silicate and calcium aluminate compounds, which are responsible for substantial increases in strength and durability.

- Reduced excavation costs
- No landfilling of subsoil
- Provides a hardened capping layer to underlying materials
- Continuous increase of strength properties
- Much quicker than alternatives
Waste Solidification Treatment
It is able to remove toxicity and make solidfication by lime stabilization of organic, inorganic sludge and industrial waste. Processed sludge is able to recycle by manure for soil stabilization