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Calcium Hydroxide
Food and Food By-Products
  - Sugar and Gelatin Industries
  - containing 72.5 percent calcium oxide and 200Mesh
  - Wastewater Treatment
  - containing 70 percent and 68 percent calcium oxide
  - 100Mesh
Water Treatment
  - Water Purification of Purification Plant
  - containing 70 percent calcium oxide and 100Mesh
Flue Gas Desulfurization
  - containing 72 percent calcium oxide
  - 325Mesh
  - 200Mesh
Food and Food By-Products
It is widely used in many other applications, including protein-flocculant agent, counteractive agent, jelly strength conditioner, and diluents-dispersing agent to use activity of ionized calcium and liquefied It is also used as decolorization of sugar
It is used as counteractive agent of acidic solution, it can usually raise (increase) up to PH 4 - 4.5 In addition, it is used as neutralization of waste water and cohesion-desposition of dissolved heavy metals. It is used in many other industries, including steel manufacture, plating plant, dye house, acetate plant, and oil & fat processing plant.
Water Treatment
Water Treatment (or Purification Plant) : Calcium Hydroxide is used in process to remove alkali and turbidity and it is also used to prevent red water because it has good flocculation - hardening.

Sewage Treatment (or Sewerage) : Sewage treatment effects are Stabilization Sewage Sludge and purification of Water.
- Reduction in organic medicine
- Lime is being aggregate formation of nucleus and improved weight of nucleus.
Flue Gas Desulfurization
- used as exhaust control in dust, organic compound, and nitrogenous compound
- advantages for low cost of equipment and operation cost
- plaster occurs as a result of neutralization reaction with calcium carbonate and it used as recycling resources.