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Granular Fertilizer
Acidic Soil Neutralization
  - grain size 2~7m/m
  - containing alkali up to 80 percent
Horticulture, Forest Soil Improvement, and PH Control in the Crop plants.
  - prevent Foot-and-Mouth disease Disinfectant of a Stall.
Ancient Structure
  - to restore Cultural Properties, Temple, and Mud-Plastered House)
Acid Soil Improvement
Effects of the amount of fertilization
- fertilizes half amount in comparison with Calcium Oxide Fertilizer.
- reduces manpower
Disinfection a Stall
It is produced by compressed and molded high degree powder.
It is the best disinfection manufacture for reactivity and absorption force.

The Result (Effect)
Granular Calcium Oxide (or quicklime) may be divided into two disinfections.
The first disinfection used by high temperature - heating.
The second disinfection used by a strong alkali (PH12) of Calcium Hydroxide.
It is able to become extinct prevent Foot-and-Mouth Disease and it also has an effects on improvement of ground.
Granular Fertilizer
Product Name: SOL-LIME

Character & Result
It is granular manufacture mixed with lime calcium, magnesium, silicic acid, and organic. It is nutrition fertilization that easily fertilize and quantitative spray.
It neutralizes acid soil and control PH in crops It promotes the growth and fruit, makes it good color, and prevent the falling of blossoms It also promotes activity of microbe in soil to produce higher yields

Granular Dolomitic Limestone
Lime Blended Fertilizer: Uses Natural Wollastonite (application on grass in a golf course)