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Product Line
(1) Calcium Oxide
- Metallurgy: Desulfurization and Dephosphonating (Removal of Phosphorus)
- Chemicals: Main raw materials of manufactures (Calcium Carbide etc).
- Building Materials: used in the production of A.L.C(Autoclaved Lightweight Concrete) by subsidiary materials.
- Soil Stabilization: Soil Stabilization Treatment of tender ground.
- Disinfection: Foot-and-Mouth Disinfectant of a Stall and a ground of Farm Disinfectant
- Production of Lime-Sulfur Mixture and Bordeaux- Mixture
(2) Granular Calcium Oxide : Acidic Soil Neutralization
(3) Calcium Oxide Powder : Soil Stabilization and Acidic Soil Neutralization
(4) Limestone : Raw materials for Cement
(5) (Calcium Hydroxide or Hydrated Lime)
- Food and Food By-Products
- Industry : Wastewater Treatment
- Water Treatment : Water Purification in Purification Plant
- Flue Gas Desulfurization : Removal Flue Gas and Dioxin in Incinerating Facility
- Surfactant : High Gloss and Enhanced Dispersion (or Accelerating Dispersion)
(6) PCC / Precipitated Calcium Carbonate : Filler and Enhanced Surfactant of Paint and Varnish, Paper Coating, Ink, Water-proof Coating etc
(7) Calcium Hydroxide Fertilizer : Soil Improvement - neutralize acidic soil react with alkali